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What did we do during the Pandemic?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

With the birth of a new website, it becomes time for us to move on from the content we were posting during Covid19. However we would love to showcase some of the work we did with lovely local business throughout pandemic.

The term acrylic screens, sneeze guards, Covid screens (even just plastic!) is enough to trigger some rather bittersweet memories for our CES team. Why you ask?

Here’s the story of how plastic screens got us through the pandemic. When events were well and truly on pause and Covid certainly wasn’t!

Our last production job in 2020 had our crew sat in the departure lounge of Heathrow airport, ready to fly to Austria, when the call came through that too was postponed.

Shortly after that Boris told us all to go home for 3 weeks to twiddle our thumbs, scroll through Tik-Tok and make iced coffees.

Little did we know then that 3 weeks would soon become 3 years and we had to keep ourselves busy! We had a CNC machine, a great bunch of people, a storm of ideas and most importantly we had access to lots of acrylic!

We started designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke Covid screens… or Enviro-guards is what we referred to them as then! Our target market was the local businesses and independent retailers that had to find a way to trade safely. Our first being a local butcher, who kindly shared what we had installed on Facebook. Word started to spread, but sadly so did the horrible virus. With a few old fashioned leaflet drops thrown into the mix, the office line started to ring and Covid screens started flying of the shelf (thankfully not literally!)

CES Facebook and Instagram were born and we got to showcase what we were doing and connect with so many of the independent businesses in Warwickshire.

Believe it or not, plastic screens weren’t the most aesthetic thing to post on Instagram, but in true ‘Creative’ style we thought out of the box. We began experimenting with our fairly new CNC at the time and began etching the screens with company logos. This caught some attention and went down a treat with some of the bougie hair salons and set us apart from the Amazon stock - plus the lucky customers got to meet our fab team (at a distance) when we came to measure up for the screens!

We got to work with some pretty cool people and it felt like we were helping the community of small businesses which we too were part of.

Our team really came together, and our knowledge and skills combined really made the ship sail during this really strange time. We all adapted our roles and despite it being far from our events world, somehow it worked.

Our online presence was largely connected with the pandemic and we thought now was the perfect time to explain the story and put it to bed once and hopefully for all. We’ve been working on the new website and look forward to sharing what we get up to on social media in the events world!

So here’s to the screens coming down, the sets going up and the ship still sailing!

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